From Caterpillar to Butterfly:

Shepherding Women from Trauma to Joy

Music and art will be your faithful and mischievous companions as you use self-expression as a tool to reconnect to what really sparks your mojo after living through an unhealthy relationship.

Put on your painting clothes, sharpen your pencils, dust off your dancing shoes, and pick out your favorite journal. Get ready to create!

This self-guided course prompts you to playfully, yet honestly, look inside and express the things that you’ve been afraid to let out, freeing yourself for renewed happiness.

Trust in the power of your creative feminine spirit in this virtual guided journey to greater emotional freedom and self-love.


  • You feel guilty or ashamed, thinking that you are the only one who has lived through an unhealthy relationship and that it was your fault.
  • You fell immediately into another unhealthy relationship because you didn’t allow yourself to heal from the one that hurt you.
  • You have sworn off love forever.
  • You don’t have the time or money for traditional therapies, or you tried them and they only took you so far.

Luckily there’s a way to tap into your own light and heal yourself

as well as preventing future attacks on your integrity.


You can recover your zest for life, regain your freedom and find joy again!

You will reconnect with your inner voice and deeply know who is right for you, setting you up for healthier relationships – with yourself and others.

You will learn to stand on your own two feet, helping the people you love avoid repeating your mistakes. Your change will heal you and your family.


  • Discovered the power within to say No More! to what doesn’t serve you and yes to what does in your relationships
  • Identified your key priorities and goals so you can confidently take actions that create a happier life.
  • Reignited your long-forgotten passion and purpose, getting you back on path toward living the full life you deserve.
  • Tapped into your deep sense of who is worthy of your love and attention, setting the stage for the right people to enter your life and the wrong ones to exit.
  • Learned to trust your inner voice and discovered the ancient wisdom that lives within you.
  • Created a safe space for growth, self-love and forgiveness.



$197    $97

Course Modules

What You’ll Learn

In each module you will be invited to channel your inner artist as a means to connect with the feelings that words often cannot express. Join Lisa Markovits, singer, writer, lyricist, artivist, and international foundation director, on an unhurried virtual journey through 5 modules that will guide you through a joyful exploration of creativity, mental and emotional cleansing, and grounding and strengthening artistry.

Best of all, there is no judgment: It’s the process that matters, not the final product.

MODULE #1                                                                     

Open your eyes and say “No More!”

Inspiring music connects us to our wise inner child, giving permission for her voice to ring out loud and clear, to place limits when necessary and take a healthy stand for you.

Identify and recognize how society has been holding you back.

Reclaim your power, reconnect with your dreams and say YES to you.

Express your newfound power in a creative process.

MODULE #2                                                                     

Illuminate the shadows

Sometimes it’s hard for our conscious mind to pinpoint exactly what is holding us back from acceptance and self-love. Today is a day to gently review the unhealthy patterns, identifying our burdens as a first step towards releasing them.

Set yourself up for rebirth, allowing your art to lead you to freedom.

Give yourself permission to find forgiveness.

MODULE #3                                                                     

Release the chains

Now is the time to let go, to symbolically place the burdens that don’t truly belong to you in the hands of source, freeing you to live the life you deserve.

Find a lightness you had forgotten can exist.

Reconnect with your spirit.

Breathe deeply again!

MODULE #4                                                                     

Manifest the dream

You’re free to dream again!

Unhealthy relationships can sap our energy and rob us of our ability to know what we truly want. It’s time to change that!

Design the small, actionable steps that can help you start to make the right decisions for you.

Get inspired to create the playlist that will accompany you on the full, joyous life on which you’re about to embark.


MODULE #5                                                                     

Shape your future path

Now that you have emerged, where do you want to head? What is the first dream you are going to pursue?

Create your own special talisman, a concrete reminder of who you are and what you want that will guide you towards a full life, your way.

Step forth boldly, confident in your ability to listen to your inner voice and trust her to help you make the right decisions.

It’s time to awaken your inner artist and heal your soul

I’m also including

A supportive Facebook community of like-minded women to provide ongoing support.


A Guided Meditation!


A Guided EFT Tapping Session!

Special Initial Course Price


$197   $97

Who am I?

And why do I think I can help you?

My name is Lisa Markovits. I am a multi-faceted artist, community therapist, change initiator, solution architect and community builder. I´m an American citizen who lived for 30 years in Ecuador and I consider myself a citizen of the world. 

I started my own international foundation which has directly served over 6,000 people in workshops and group support spaces. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited through digital platforms I conceived and implemented with an amazing, fully-volunteer team. Your purchase will help support this mission.

I love playing with words so sometimes I can get carried away with them, so let me just briefly say that I have made it my life’s work to use my creativity to empower myself and others and embody a more beautiful world.

It would be my honor to support you. 

Love always,


Hundreds of women (and men!) have participated in our workshops. Read what they had to say…

“Art is the easiest way to express what I feel inside.”

“I felt calm, spontaneous and strong.”

“The workshop changed my life and my family’s lives.”

“It gave me strength as a woman…no one can oppress me now!”

“I learned to respect myself, love myself and value myself.”


What if I have a complicated schedule or I need to make sure it’s safe to do the modules?

 Go at your own pace. Create your own safe space

Artists need to find their muse. This course is designed to help you find her, quickly, easily, painlessly and put her to your service as your own built-in ancient healer.

But sometimes we just need some time as artists to connect, to contemplate, to be. And that’s something modern society doesn’t always give us.

That’s why we set up this course as a self-guided online experience, allowing you to take advantage of this guidance without having to turn your schedule inside out to meet externally imposed time-requirements.

Best of all, you can do it on your own in whatever space feels the most comfortable, secure and courageous for you. 

Does art really help transform the trauma of unhealthy relationships?

The short answer is yes!

I have created this program after working with over 4500 people over 10 years to help them heal themselves from unhealthy relationships and prevent them from ever reoccurring.

This innovative approach has won funding from a US Embassy, shown statistically significant results in a groundbreaking University of Delaware-funded study, and brought change to countless communities.

But you won’t need all that data and credentials to know if this right for you. Because deep down, you will recognize age-old truths. After all, human beings have used art and music to heal themselves for millennia.

Is this course a right fit for me?

Only you can know for sure, but I believe it is if you are:

Recovering from a unhealthy romantic relationship and want to regain your self-esteem so that you can trust your decisions again.

Looking for the strength to stand happily on your own or attract the right person into your life.

Wanting to connect with your art’s powerful energy as a way to find sustenance in hard times.

Seeking a life of joy, belonging, respect, and fulfillment.

Is this course a substitute for professional psychotherapy?

No. This course is not meant to substitute for the skilled services of mental health, legal or other professionals, especially those dedicated to helping women who are suffering from domestic or interpartner violence. Professional psychotherapists bring years of specialized education and experience to the table. They are a very valuable resource. 

This course aims to awaken the healer we have inside all of us from birth but it does not substitute for professional therapy. It can, however, be a good complement.

What is the foundation we are supporting?
Pa’Arriba Foundation is a US501(c)(3) whose objective is to identify and implement prevention and treatment methodologies that help to reduce any type of violence, be it physical or psychological, within the Spanish-speaking community and that can be replicated on a large scale.

Its emblematic program, OyeSARA, is Ecuador’s first nationwide digital platform offering information on support resources for victims of violence to an average of 20,000 unique users per month.

In November, 2023, the foundation received an important award from the provincial government of Pichincha, Ecuador for its efforts to reduce violence against women.

Learn more at

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, with an important limitation. Because part of your purchase price is used to fund continuing work that saves lives through a $5 donation to Pa’Arriba Foundation, that amount cannot be refunded. All remaining funds ($92) can be reimbursed within 14 days of product purchase assuming you begin no more than 1 module.




Special Initial Course Price


$197   $97

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